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Our passionate commitment to achieving our retail partners’ goals is facilitated by…
    Delivering fashion which is on-trend, at speed, accurately and as promised.
      * A management and leadership team
        who have been together for up to 32
        years and counting, and most for more
        than 20. A unique, career-long commitment
        to the Manchu Times Fashion Family.
        To excellence.

    * Continual, industry-leading process
        innovation, creating efficient, integrated
        working processes and structures
        tailored to each retailer's needs.

    * Fully vertical team, from design and
        customer interface in New York, finance
        and merchandising in Hong Kong, to
        our merchandising, design, development,
        technical and production control center
        in Dalian, China, to our factory floors.

    * Very strong product innovation and
        development, with teams in New York
        and Dalian, through to technical team
        members, processing 2000+ samples
        per month, in-house.

    * Located in Liaoning Province, northeastern
        China. The labour "breadbasket" of the

    * A comprehensive understanding and
        commitment to compliance excellence,
        through our in-house lab and fabric
        inspection centers, comprehensive
        three layer quality assurance process,
        proactive C-TPAT and social compliance
        protocols, and a commitment to issue